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Chiropractic Care

Dr. Ward has been helping people feel and live better for over 20 years. Through gentle chiropractic adjusting techniques and a teamwork approach, relief and wellness are just around the corner.

Impulse Adjustor

Dr. Jim Ward will always explain more about the techniques he uses to help you heal!

Dr. Jim Ward’s Techniques

Diversified – This hands-on, spinal manipulation technique combines different styles of techniques for a specific adjustment. Read more…

Impulse Adjustor – This very precise instrument is used to help treat you with a specific technique that can be used from head to toe. Read more…

Flexion Distraction Table – This gentle and effective adjusting table can help with inflamed discs and low-back injuries. Read more…

Are You New to Chiropractic Care?

If you haven’t been adjusted and you’re curious about what an adjustment will feel like, Dr. Ward will happily walk you through the process. If you have other concerns, he’s happy to talk to you about them, and he always makes sure you’re comfortable when you’re here.

One thing is for certain; Dr. Ward’s patients love getting adjusted and feeling better. Learn what to expect when you visit and then call (541) 610-9662 to get started.

Dr. Jim Ward | (541) 610-9662