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Meet Dr. Jim Ward

A Lifelong Outdoor Enthusiast

As an avid skier and golfer, the aches and pains of living an active life brought Dr. Ward to see a chiropractor. Beginning care in his late 20’s, his chiropractor kept him on track and feeling great so he could continue to hit the slopes in the winter and golf in the beautiful summers of Bend.

A Chiropractor with a Warm Heart

When it was time to go to college, Dr. Ward decided that chiropractic was the avenue he was going to take. “Chiropractic care attracted me because it involved helping people while working with those who are active and conscientious about living a healthy life.” Dr. Ward also enjoys the independence of being able to work for yourself.

Dr. Ward attended Western States Chiropractic College in Oregon and loved the thorough education he received. Learning in-depth about diagnostics, allows him to do Disability Impairment Ratings as a Certified Independent Chiropractic Examiner through American Board of Independent Examiners. He also offers a variety of adjusting techniques and tailors adjustments to your unique needs.

Embrace Life

Dr. Ward enjoys embracing life and keeping his community active and healthy. “I want to help people feel better about their life.”

Are you ready to heal and feel great again? Team up with the friendly Bend chiropractor who is ready to help you live a life of wellness.

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